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    What are the new Construction Technology that we can adopt to increase productivity?


    More powerful machinery. Must use the right tools to increase productivity. like is faster to use chopsticks to eat noodle than a spoon.


    PPVC, PBU, BIM are some of those that the industry has already adopted.

    We look forward to more fruitful results that these solutions can be really improve the productivity in construction industry.

    From what we understand, PPVC due to the massive volume and mass, require huge capacity cranes for hoisting and installations.

    That itself could be putting stress on the contractors financially as the cost for getting the a crane with tip load of 30 to 50 ton tower crane is easily above million.
    Imagine a project of say 10 blocks that require 10 tower cranes of such capacity to concurrently running.

    For the critical rc cycles to be smooth and without much delay the delivery of the PPVC has to be seamless. So that put stress on the transportation & delivery team as for the mere size of a PPVC module, likely low bedders are the go after solution.
    But knowing the transport system will be busy in the day time, it has become the only option to have delivery of such giant loads to be at a specific hours at night due to safety concern and lesser disruption to the public road users.

    So what is the real cost of each unit of PPVC? Will it make our construction cost higher and in the end jack up the pricing of the new houses?




    Sometimes funds are given to those that don’t think much how how how


    What kind of powerful machine?

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