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    How can we make better use of solar panels for our environment


    Until we find super materials for solar absorption and storage at relatively affordable costs, I dont see good motivation for construction industry to embrace solar panels in the design into permanent use and temporary use.

    Its just not cost effective.


    unless government give grants. tropical country like Singapore should make good use of solar panels. how i wish can instead solar panels for home usage. Electricity bill is just so expensive.


    I have a great idea. At least in my opinion. But then ideas are plenty and cost a dime a ton.

    As Singapore is a super hot country with unforgiving sun power, why dont we have solar panels to be mounted on most of the building facades if not all? or at least the east and west side of the building facades? And the roof tops?

    Is a cost consideration that is holding us back or a lack of government initiatives or support?

    I hope in the near future we can harness the free and clean energy of the sun and tide to power most of our essential need of electric supply.

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