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    As a WSH professional, how do you improve the safety performance of your project and teams?


    What a question.

    I think frankly the answer can be ” Very Carefully and Diligently”.

    I dont write this to offend anyone but to improve the performance of anything or any KPI, I think the most reasonable and practicable way is the get all the stake holders to participate and put in time and effort to see the results.

    It has to be multi layered effort from top men to middle men to bottom men. Just kidding. It should be all men and women. In the offices cubicles or board rooms, in the fields, in the streets etc.

    From company CEOs of developers, consultants, contractors to site team of main cons, subcons and safety professionals. The bosses give money and moral support for the field teams and corporate teams to effectively implement preventive measures and enforcement.

    Most of the time, a problem is not a problem until it cannot be solved by money.

    You need funding in training & education, awareness campaigns, physical implementations, hardware and software procurement and acquisition, employment of competent teams etc.

    When money is not a problem, you have lesser a problem.

    What do you think?


    must work carefully

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