Construction Training In Singapore

Construction Training in Singapore

Want to get started in construction in Singapore?

Maybe you’re a qualified professional who’s recently moved to the country? Or perhaps you’ve always lived in Singapore, and are ready for a career change?

Whatever the reason, you need to know all about the kind of training that you’ll require to succeed in the construction Singapore industry.

Not being properly trained puts you and your coworkers at risk, and makes it harder to find employment.

Read on to get informed about training.

Construction Singapore health and safety

Health and safety training is essential in the construction industry, which poses all sorts of hazards.

In 2015, 41% of all workplace fatalities took place in the construction industry.

Pretty scary, right?

Luckily, the industry recognizes this as a problem and has made it easier for staff to access the appropriate training.

To encourage extra health and safety training, construction companies in Singapore are now offered two incentives when giving extra training to foreign workers:

1. They’ll pay a lower levy each month.

2. They can keep the workers on for longer.

Whether you’re new to Singapore or were born and bred here, health and safety training is absolutely key.

Foundational courses

If you’re new to the construction industry or have plenty of experience without much formal training, then taking a foundational course is a smart move.

Taking a National Building Qualification (NBQ) will help develop your core skills and turn you into a competent, safe practitioner.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage projects
  • Check and read plans
  • Understand architectural works
  • Supervise others
  • Make use of new construction technology
  • Resolve site issues
  • Train workers

The course includes higher and advanced levels, so there are plenty of opportunities to stretch yourself and reach your full potential.

Feeling lost, or not sure where to start with construction training?

The NBQ is the course for you. This widely-recognized qualification will give you a solid foundation to begin or develop your construction Singapore career.

Continuing education

Happy with your current skills, but feel you could go further?

Want to stand out from other construction professionals and win more jobs?

Or maybe you’re looking to take your construction career in a new direction?

Continuing education could be the right path for you.

You could develop your skills in the following areas, opening up new opportunities and turning yourself into a more attractive employee:

  • Construction engineering
  • Project supervision
  • Building service engineer
  • Mechanical and electrical coordination
  • Interior design
  • Landscaping
  • Estate management
  • Quantity surveying
  • Building information modeling

If you’ve lost enthusiasm for your current area, now is a great time to reignite your passion by picking something new, without making a complete career change.

Equally, if things are going well but you’d like to earn more and get more business, developing your skills with new construction training is the way to go.


Are you ready to learn?

Training is absolutely vital to your safety and success in construction Singapore. Don’t let a lack of training put you in danger, and don’t miss out on great jobs because you haven’t got the skills.

Invest in training, and you invest in the future of your career.

Once you have the necessary skills, feel free to check out our job’s directory. You could find the perfect job for you!




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