Construction Technology

Construction Technology


Construction technology can improve the way our industry work and increase the productivity, EHS and quality performance and eventually the profit margin.


Construction Technology

Entering the era of modern technologies, construction companies can tap into new technologies to enhance their workflow on sites  such as deploying drones to monitor progress, using GPS systems for precise setting out, robotic suits to carry heavy equipment, advanced software to preview clashes and conflict in design issues etc. To be able to progress faster with lesser mistakes and reworks is the concern of all businesses keen in keeping cost low and profit high.


Modern technologies are also used to produce better material quality products such as lighter weight, stronger structural & architectural systems, energy efficient machinery and equipment, environmental friendly recycled products so on and so forth.


While technology may one day allow us to pop out a house out of a palm size capsule, we need human talents to make our creation and innovation feasible and economical to implement on a wide scale. How do we integrate the modern technology with our existing talent capital is an important aspect to be look into. Do we constantly update and upgrade our industry people on the new ways of doing things fast and right or are we settled with the good old ways of getting thins done? What are the costs of deployment of new innovation and technology and what tare the cost of not?


Construction is a sunset industry like some said but also a primitive one as long as human race exists. Housing, food, clothing are some of our basic needs that everyone can’t live without. Well, some may say iphones and social media too. While most people would wait for the industry honchos take lead, with the support of government agencies, to upgrade the construction industry to a higher level with a face lift, can the smaller business set ups ┬átap into technologies to upgrade our operations too? What are the ways we can improve our daily operations cutting down wastage and improve productivity with the help of technology?

There is no one ultimate solution in life, its how we engage the challenges with our creative minds and willing spirits to deploy construction technology effectively with our human capital.

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