Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Construction safety, health and environment management is of paramount importance in modern construction arena. Gone are the days we can neglect environmental, health and safety (EHS) impact on our society. As our country advance into a high population-high density built up area, there is lesser room for construction companies to neglect the negative impacts of bad EHS performance. It’s essential for survival.

The penalty for non compliance to the authority requirement in safety, health and environment is hefty and may be a SWO for serious offences and eventually phased out by the fierce competition if one fails to buck up and rebuild.

What are the areas that need special attention for construction safety on site?


Work at height, hoisting, deep excavation, hot works, confined spaces activities are just some of the more focused area of works that require special attention if not full supervision. Equipping the workforce with proper safety training and essential safety protection equipment are the basic requirements to run a project safely. Equipping the management and supervisory teams with proper risk awareness and assessment capability is fundamental too.


What are the areas that require more effort for environmental and health concern on site?

ECM, sanitary & sewer control, noise, dust, vector control, provision of safe and healthy workers quarter, provision of safe work place etc are just some of the basic requirements.


Do you have a safety budget specifically set aside in the latest tender bid for new project? What are the KPI that have been set on the safety performance of a project team that really improve the performance? what are the supports given to perform according to KPI?

Construction safety performance is not a just a topic to talk about, it is a target to achieve together.

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