Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction management is a big topic that cover organization and company management, project management such as design and planning phase management to day to day site operation management. Simply put, a non exhaustive list of things to be managed are likely to comprise human resource, financial, machinery and equipment, safety and environment health, quality, materials, workers, after sales and maintenance, legal compliance etc.

Does the design of the structures ensure safe usage for end users and safe in process implementation during construction? Have the designers and constructors communicated and worked out viable solution to ensure safe construction? Have the eager bidders factor in sufficient safety budget to get the project safe and smooth going?

Construction management on site and in office are two different things. How does the top men in the head quarters empower the site operation to be safe and smooth? How does the site operation team ensure the progress, quality and safety aspects are handled properly within the preset project budgets? How does the tender department factor in a feasible budget in a competitive market with limited jobs? Do you have a team that can work closely together for decades or your staffs turn over like a merry go round?


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  1. christine 2 years ago

    Construction management can be simple if the project is small but will need much more effort if is a big scale company. The key management person beside having leadership qualities, he must also have the construction experience to lead the company from tendering to completing a project. HR, Finance management are also important that the staffs are happy working in the company and finance to ensure the smooth cashflow of the company. Cashflow are important to ensure that subcons and workers get paid promptly as consistent late payments will damage the company reputation.

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